The core of Orthanc can be extended through plugins. A plugin takes the form of a shared library (.DLL under Windows, .so under GNU/Linux, .dylib under Apple OS X...). A plugin can do various things, among others:

  • Serving new Web applications that have full access to the REST API of Orthanc, which makes easy to handle DICOM images from JavaScript code.
  • Replacing the way DICOM images are decoded (e.g. the official Web viewer plugin introduces the decoding of JPEG2000 images, which is not available in the core of Orthanc).
  • Replacing the default database back-end of Orthanc (that is built upon SQLite) by another (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server...).
  • Creating new REST APIs on the top of the Orthanc built-in API (as in in the official DICOMweb plugin).
  • Reacting to the arrival of new DICOM images or other DICOM-related events so as to carry on automated processing.
  • ...

Developers external to the official Orthanc project are invited to contribute to the C/C++ part of Orthanc by creating third-party plugins. A specific section of the Orthanc Book explains how to create new Orthanc plugins.

Index of the contributed plugins

Remark: Do not hesitate to contact us if you have developed a plugin so that we can promote it in the list above!