Contributing to Orthanc

If you find Orthanc useful and wish to contribute to its development, here are some tasks you can take in charge that would greatly help us:

  • Non-coding tasks:
  • Maintenance tasks:
    • Report problems together with sample DICOM images and possible workarounds on the issue tracker.
    • Package Orthanc and its associated plugins for more UNIX or GNU/Linux distributions (e.g. Ubuntu PPA, RHEL, CentOS, openSUSE...).
    • Share your maintenance scripts or sample code inside the “Orthanc Contributed” public GitHub repository, via pull requests.
  • Coding tasks:
    • The Orthanc project will happily accept patches in the core of Orthanc and in its associated official plugins. Please read the dedicated FAQ entry.
    • Interface Orthanc with other software (e.g. 3D Slicer, Matlab/Octave, Python, Horos, dicompyler...). Check the already supported frameworks.
    • Develop C/C++ plugins extending the Orthanc core. Here are some ideas of possible plugins:
    • Always remember that he recommended way of contributing to the source code of Orthanc is by creating C/C++ plugins. If the current plugin SDK is insufficient for you to develop some feature as a plugin, do not hesitate to request an extension to the Orthanc SDK on the mailing list.
  • Financial support:
    • Participate in our crowdfunding campaigns.
    • Buy commercial services:
      • Osimis provides support packages dedicated to Orthanc.
      • Currently, Osimis is the only company ensuring such corporate services according to an open-source business model, but others might show up in the future. Please warn us if your know about another such company!