Integrate Horos using DICOM

Configuration of Horos

  • In Preferences->Listener, activate and configure AETitle and Port (e.g. Horos 11112).
  • In Preferences->Locations, add a DICOM Node:
    • with the AET of your Orthanc instance (default is ORTHANC)
    • with a name (eg MYORTHANC)
    • with Retrieve method C-GET
    • with Send Transfers syntax : Explicit Little Endian

Configuration of Orthanc

Add the following configuration options (obviously, adapt the IP address):

  "DicomModalities" : {
    "Horos": [ "Horos", "", 11112 ]

Configuration of Docker images by Osimis

This section applies if you are using the Docker images by Osimis to run Orthanc.

Add Modality through Environmental variable in docker:

  "Horos": ["Horos", "", 11112]

If using Orthanc in a docker container, map the Orthanc DICOM Port. Eg in docker-compose file:

  - "4242:4242"