How can I donate money to the project?

The Orthanc project does not accept donations for now. We think it’s a poor business model for running an open source project as it suggests the developers are working for charity.

If you are a commercial company that builds upon the Orthanc ecosystem for your own products, please contribute by buying the corporate services provided by Osimis.

If you want to help the project financially as an end-user, you can approach some of the companies offering commercial support for Orthanc and engage their services. Doing so creates a healthy ecosystem around the project where companies are encouraged to contribute their resources to improve the project to create a larger pool of potential customers wanting their services. A list of freelancers or volunteers providing custom assistance is available on the Orthanc Users forum.

We appreciate positive feedback on our project as well. If you are on Twitter, send us a tweet to @OrthancServer. That helps raise awareness of our project so others can benefit from it as well.

Finally, don’t forget to have a look other ways to contribute to the Orthanc project.

Note: This text is adapted from the BigBlueButton FAQ.