Orthanc packages for Debian/Ubuntu


Orthanc is available as an offical Debian package that is continuously updated by the Orthanc core developers. This implies that Orthanc is also available in the Debian derivative distributions, most notably in Ubuntu. Most of the official plugins are also available as separate packages.

Note that the installed versions depend on the version of the Debian distribution. If you absolutely need the latest Orthanc version, you should:


Prerequisite: make sure to update your package definition before installing:

$ sudo apt update

To install Orthanc and its plugins:

$ sudo apt install orthanc
$ sudo apt install orthanc-dicomweb
$ sudo apt install orthanc-gdcm
$ sudo apt install orthanc-imagej
$ sudo apt install orthanc-mysql
$ sudo apt install orthanc-postgresql
$ sudo apt install orthanc-python
$ sudo apt install orthanc-webviewer
$ sudo apt install orthanc-wsi

Starting/Stopping the service

Once installed, Orthanc is started as a service. To start/stop/restart, use:

$ sudo service orthanc start
$ sudo service orthanc stop
$ sudo service orthanc restart

Accessing the logs

Logs are available in /var/log/orthanc/.


Orthanc reads its configuration file from the /etc/orthanc/ folder.

Replacing the package from the service by the LSB binaries

If you’re stuck with an old version of Orthanc, you may try to replace the binaries by the LSB binaries. Note that there might be some inconsistencies between the plugins version and you should do that at your own risk.

This can be done with this sequence of commands:

$ sudo service orthanc stop
$ sudo wget https://lsb.orthanc-server.com/orthanc/1.9.1/Orthanc --output-document /usr/sbin/Orthanc
$ sudo rm -f /usr/share/orthanc/plugins/*.so
$ sudo wget https://lsb.orthanc-server.com/orthanc/1.9.1/libServeFolders.so --output-document /usr/share/orthanc/plugins/libServeFolders.so
$ sudo wget https://lsb.orthanc-server.com/orthanc/1.9.1/libModalityWorklists.so --output-document /usr/share/orthanc/plugins/libModalityWorklists.so
$ sudo wget https://lsb.orthanc-server.com/plugin-dicom-web/1.3/libOrthancDicomWeb.so --output-document /usr/share/orthanc/plugins/libOrthancDicomWeb.so
$ ...
$ sudo service orthanc restart