Installing Orthanc as a Debian/Ubuntu daemon

To install Orthanc as a GNU/Linux daemon on a Debian/Ubuntu system, you can:

  1. Download this service script (this file is part of the official Debian package of Orthanc),

  2. Adapt some of its variables to reflect the configuration of your system,

  3. Copy it in /etc/init.d as root (the filename cannot contain dot, otherwise it is not executed), make it belong to root, and tag it as executable:

    $ sudo mv orthanc.init /etc/init.d/orthanc
    $ sudo chown root:root /etc/init.d/orthanc
    $ sudo chmod 755 /etc/init.d/orthanc
  4. If you wish the daemon to be automatically launched at boot time and stopped at shutdown:

    $ sudo update-rc.d orthanc defaults
  5. If you wish to remove the automatic launching at boot time later on:

    $ sudo update-rc.d -f orthanc remove

Note: You can use rcconf to easily monitor the services that are run at startup:

$ sudo apt-get install rcconf