Crash analysis

Orthanc crashes very rarely. You are most likely looking for the FAQ entry about debugging Orthanc.

Generating a segmentation fault for test purpose

Here is the source code of a minimal C++ plugin that can be used to simulate a segmentation fault within Orthanc:

#include <orthanc/OrthancCPlugin.h>

extern "C"
  int32_t OrthancPluginInitialize(OrthancPluginContext* context)
    // Let's trigger a segmentation fault by writing to NULL
    intptr_t *p = NULL;
    *p = 42;
    return OrthancPluginErrorCode_Success;

  void OrthancPluginFinalize()

  const char* OrthancPluginGetName()
    return "crash";

  const char* OrthancPluginGetVersion()
    return "0.0";

As soon as Orthanc will try and load this plugin, it will crash. This gives you the opportunity to learn how to debug Orthanc on your very specific platform.

GNU/Linux system using gdb

The Orthanc project provides precompiled debug binaries that can be run on almost any recent GNU/Linux system (generated thanks to the LSB - Linux Standard Base SDK). This allows to generate a backtrace (the famous “core dumped” message) that can be analyzed by any developer of Orthanc. Assuming that the plugin above is available as the crash.cpp file, here is a sample debug session:

$ wget
$ chmod +x ./Orthanc
$ gcc -fPIC -shared ./crash.cpp -I ~/orthanc/Plugins/Include -o
$ ulimit -c unlimited
$ echo '{ "Plugins" : [""] }' > Configuration.json
$ rm -f core ; ./Orthanc Configuration.json
W0427 15:43:24.215783 main.cpp:1436] Orthanc version: 1.9.7
W0427 15:43:24.215910 main.cpp:1279] Performance warning: Non-release build, runtime debug assertions are turned on
W0427 15:43:24.217585 OrthancConfiguration.cpp:61] Reading the configuration from: "Configuration.json"
W0427 15:43:24.254733 main.cpp:700] Loading plugin(s) from:
W0427 15:43:24.254866 PluginsManager.cpp:269] Registering plugin 'crash' (version 0.0)
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

This session creates a file called core in the current working directory. You can analyze it by running gdb as follows:

$ gdb -c ./core ./Orthanc
(gdb) bt
#0  0x00007f7b1aa3d739 in OrthancPluginInitialize () from
#1  0x00000000008632f0 in Orthanc::CallInitialize (plugin=..., context=...)
at /home/jodogne/BuildBotWorker/Orthanc_1_5_6_-_LSB_Debug/build/Plugins/Engine/PluginsManager.cpp:98
#2  0x0000000000864496 in Orthanc::PluginsManager::RegisterPlugin (this=0x4314f90, path="")
at /home/jodogne/BuildBotWorker/Orthanc_1_5_6_-_LSB_Debug/build/Plugins/Engine/PluginsManager.cpp:272

If you are unable to analyze such a backtrace by yourself, feel free to post your core file on the Orthanc forum.

Important: The Orthanc developers will only be able to analyze the core files generated by our own precompiled binaries!


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