Interfacing with Matlab and Octave

Thanks to the REST API of Orthanc, it is easy to access DICOM images from Matlab or Octave, as depicted in the following sample image:


Both Matlab and Octave have access to HTTP servers thanks to their built-in urlread() function. Once must simply install a Matlab/Octave library to decode JSON files. The JSONLab toolkit works perfectly to this end.

Using JSONlab, the following code will download and display a DICOM image:

SERIES = 'ae164c84-e5bd0366-ba937a6d-65414092-f294d6b6';
URL = '';

# Get information about the instances in this DICOM series
instances = loadjson(urlread([ URL '/series/' SERIES '/instances' ]));

# Select one slice from the series
instance = instances(1,1).ID

# Decode the slice with Orthanc thanks to the "/matlab" URI
slice = eval(urlread([ URL '/instances/' instance '/matlab' ]));

# Compute the maximum value in this slice

# Display the slice

# Annotate the graph with the patient name and ID
tags = loadjson(urlread([ URL '/instances/' instance '/tags?simplify' ]));
title([ 'This is a slice from patient ' tags.PatientID ' (' tags.PatientName ')' ])