Contributing to Orthanc

If you find Orthanc useful and wish to contribute to its development, here are some tasks you can take in charge that would greatly help us:

  • Use Orthanc in the real life. ;)
  • Report possible problems together with sample DICOM images on the issue tracker.
  • Answer questions posted to the mailing list.
  • Index external contributions on the “Orthanc Contributed” GitHub repository, via pull requests.
  • Provide documentation and use cases (e.g. on GitHub).
  • Share maintenance scripts (e.g. on GitHub).
  • Advertise about Orthanc, and answer the survey.
  • Package Orthanc and its associated plugins for more UNIX or GNU/Linux distributions (e.g. RHEL, CentOS, SUSE...).
  • Improve and translate the Wikipedia page about Orthanc.
  • Interface Orthanc with other software (e.g. 3D Slicer, Matlab/Octave, Python, Horos, dicompyler...). Check the already supported frameworks.
  • Develop C/C++ plugins extending the Orthanc core. Here are some ideas of possible plugins:
  • Have a look at the Orthanc Wishlist board, where users can submit their ideas for the future features of Orthanc.

Always remember that he recommended way of contributing to the source code of Orthanc is by creating C/C++ plugins. If the current plugin SDK is insufficient for you to develop some feature as a plugin, do not hesitate to request an extension to the Orthanc SDK on the mailing list.

The Orthanc project will also happily accept external patches in the core of Orthanc and in its associated official plugins. Such patches can either be sent to the mailing list or via a pull request.